Posted by: blueridgetreks | June 24, 2011

James River – Fuller Rocks

The James River cuts through the Blue Ridge Mountains just downriver from Glasgow, VA. The geologic term for this is “water gap“.

View from Fuller Rocks - 1

View from Fuller Rocks - 2

View from Fuller Rocks - 3

The vantage point at Fuller Rocks, near the intersection of the Appalachian Trail and Little Rocky Row trail, gave us an unobstructed view of the James River. It is about a 4 mile hike north on the A.T. from the James River Footbridge to Fuller Rocks.

A.T. Footbridge - 1

A.T. Footbridge - 2

A.T. Footbridge - 3

We actually made a 12 mile loop hike out of this by also visiting Big Rocky Row Overlook.

Big Rocky Row Overlook

For parking and additional trail information we posted this hike on hikingupward. The views are the best at Fuller Rocks and if you don’t have time to go Big Rocky Row, then just turn around at Fuller Rocks. The Footbridge also makes for a cool side trip and has an interesting story about how it came into being.

PS: James River Fact – It is the longest river (340 miles) in the United States completely contained within the borders of 1 state, Virginia.


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