This blog is about hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia by some really slow hikers who want to share their love of God’s creation, thoughts from the hikes, and recommendations about the trails visited. We will post plans for upcoming hikes and will have contact information if you are interested in joining us. We are friends who live in Richmond, Virginia.

Fratri Errabundus Disclaimer: NO speed records have been or will be set by us on any trails mentioned in this blog.



  1. My question in earlier mail has been answered very beautifully by this Blog. Glad to see you are still on the trails, great photos. The noise of the falls drowned out the background music.
    Nice to see Abbie out there.


  2. If you’re down in our neck of the woods, consider an affordable stay with us. Close to Fairystone, Smith River, Dan River, and across the street from the Virginia Museum of Natural History in downtown Martinsville. My husband and I are members of the Virginia Master Naturalists. I’d be happy to show you some things that are interesting in our area!

  3. Is this Bryce Allisons blog? If not just ignore this. If this is his blog, I really need to ask you a few questions about a plane crash near the FLT 349. Will you email me at jeffwadley@bellsouth.net I was the guy interviewed in the Blueridge Outddoors magazine a few months ago. I have a plane I am trying to find near the FLT 349.

  4. Bryce, I met your mom over in Hawaii and she told me about your blog. We’ve just left Oahu and are on a cross country trek. I told her I’d send her our blog but I’ve lost her email address. Could you shoot me a note with her email?

    Thanks, Phillip

  5. Hello. My wife and I have gone to sharptop on many occasions, looking for the bomber and haven’t been able to find it. Is there any way you could email me the GPS coordinates? My email address is ajglass@liberty.edu. Thx!!

  6. Hello,
    I’ve been looking for a good overnight hike in the Virginia area. Looking for a loop preferably and something beginner friendly for my wife and I. Any ideas?


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